International Startup Fair

The International Startup Fair takes place outside the Startup Conference (May 17, 2017) in Redwood City. We invented the concept of a “farmer’s market” for startups. This is California, we all want to enjoy the sun and the outside!

Startups launching innovative products and looking to reach early adopters, influencers, investors and the press are welcome to book a demo table.

Companies that provide tools and services to startups should get a service provider table.

Larger companies should consider one of the corner booths, and/or sponsor the after-party or a workshop at the conference.

There is a single opportunity for a gold sponsor to offer a workshop on the main stage, as part of the conference. If you are interested in reaching a large audience of entrepreneurs in a highly-visible way, let’s talk.

For more questions about exhibiting, workshops and sponsorships, contact


Exhibitor Pricing and Sponsorship Opportunities