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  • Startup Conference 2015

    Ben Parr

    Randy Komisar, KPCB

    Startup Conference 2014

    Tim Draper

    Josh Reeves, ZenPayroll

    David Hornik, August Capital

    Guy Kawasaki, Canva

    Mark Linsey, Homejoy

    Monisha Perkash, LUMO BodyTech

    Panel: I Can Do It Too!

    Startup Conference 2013

    Here are some of the best talks from the 2013 Startup Conference in Redwood City.

    Keynote with Naval Ravikant, AngelList

    Investor Panel

    Jerry Kaplan: Five Things that Will Get You Fired from your Own Startup

    Press Panel

    Chris Yeh: The Entrepreneurial Cycle of Life: Stage-by-Stage Advice

    Startup Conference 2012

    Here are some highlights of the Startup Conference which took place in Mountain View, on May 2, 2012.


    Panel with

    • Danae Ringelmann , IndieGoGo
    • Chance Barnett , Crowdfunder
    • Sherwood Neis , The Startup Exemption
    • Eric Jackson , CapLinked
    • Anthony Ha, Techcrunch (moderator)

    How to Avoid a Founding Team Trainwreck

    It’s All About Traction (Panel)

    Panel with

    • Russell D’Souza , SeatGeek
    • Patrick Llewellyn , 99designs
    • Bill Clerico , WePay
    • Ryan Junee , Inporia
    • Liz Gannes , AllThingsDigital (moderator)

    Founder Conference 2011

    Guy Kawasaki, Enchantment

    Naval Ravikant, AngelList

    Tim Young, SocialCast

    Founder Conference 2010

    KeyNote Speaker: Aaron Patzer

    Aaron Patzer is the founder of

    How To Get PR for Your Startup

    Panel with

    • Chris O’Brien, San Jose Mercury News
    • Anthony Ha, VentureBeat
    • Ryan Singel, Wired
    • Hooman Khalili, Alice 97.3FM
    • Alain Raynaud, FairSoftware (moderator)

    Drew Houston, Dropbox

    Drew Houston is the founder of Dropbox.

    What’s Really Happening at Incubators

    Panel with

    • Ivan Kirigin, TipJoy (YCombinator Alumni)
    • Lecole Cole, Skydera (Founder Institute Graduate)
    • Emily Olson, Foodzie (TechStars Alumni)
    • Brian Wong, Kiip
    • Alain Raynaud, FairSoftware (moderator)

    Live Elevator Pitch Feedback (excerpts)

    With Adeo Ressi, and The Founder Institute


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