The Startup Conference 2014

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Network like a Silicon Valley insider. If you want to succeed, you need to start networking to meet co-founders, investors, customers and partners. Check out the coLuncher app and use your lunch break to connect with other entrepreneurs and investors.

Thank you for making the Startup Conference 2014 such a big success! See you again next year!

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About the Conference

With close to 2,000 entrepreneurs, the Startup Conference is one of the largest conferences in Silicon Valley for starting your startup, learning how to pitch VCs, find co-founders, launch your product to the press and more.

The conference was featured on CNET, the San Jose Mercury News, Forbes, VentureBeat, The Register, CCTV News, KTVU, etc.

Watch this video from CNET to see what it looks like when the press likes your startup:

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The Startup Conference will take place inside the Fox Theatre, 2223 Broadway St, Redwood City. The Startup Fair will be on the courthouse square right outside the theatre, and is free and open to everyone. Tickets are required for the conference. The outdoor Fair is free and open to the public.


  • Capitol Immigration Law Group

    Capitol Immigration Law Group 

    Capitol Immigration Law Group ("CILG") is a business-focused immigration law firm based in Washington, DC helping international start-ups, foreign entrepreneurs and investors develop creative corporate and immigration solutions allowing them operate on U.S. markets. Over the years CILG has developed unique expertise in the specific requirements applicable to start-up and entrepreneur nonimmigrant and immigrant visas. From analyzing the entrepreneur's individual situation, through providing guidance in structuring an investment of a company, to putting together and executing an immigration strategy, CILG office is distinctively qualified to advise.

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  • IRA Services Trust Company

    IRA Services Trust Company 

    IRA Services Trust Company provides entrepreneurs and business-owners a unique platform in which to find an alternative source of funding. The “self-directed IRA” allows investors to use their retirement funds to invest in startups, pre-IPOs and private companies among other things. A fully regulated trust company with administrative offices based in the San Francisco Bay Area, IRA Services Trust Company has been providing unmatched retirement program services in the alternatives industry for over 30 years with the highest level of customer service and the most competitive fees in the industry. Holding nearly 40,000 accounts and having over $4 billion in assets under custody, our clients have the security of working with a market leader. To learn more about how to obtain funding through self-directed IRAs, visit  or call us at 1-800-248-8447.

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  • Ekvind LLC

    Ekvind LLC 

    A platform with interactive tools and workflow management to hire top technical talent. simplifies scheduling and coordination, so the whole team can actively participate in the process, while maintaining a consistent experience. With its real-time audio/video, code sharing and question bank, teams drastically increase the number and quality of interviews they conduct. Candidate ranking and feedback features accelerate data-driven decisions. With mobile app never miss a great candidate while on the road. Managers can record and review any interview conducted by their team to ensure they are choosing the best possible candidate. leverages latest technologies to provide managers with the tools necessary to win in today’s competitive talent market. Start building your team with!

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  • Enterprise Question Answering Software

    Enterprise Question Answering Software 

    We are developing software to enable Question-Answering for Enterprise and Business Intelligence (BI) applications, using sophisticated Natural Language Processing / Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence techniques. According to Gartner, Natural Language Question Answering systems - currently exemplified by non-enterprise products such as Google, Siri, and IBM Watson - could soon be destined for the Enterprise domain as well. Gartner predicted that 70 percent of leading BI vendors would have incorporated natural-language capabilities by 2016, likely using technologies developed externally rather than by the BI vendors themselves. While this of course presents an enormous potential for disruption in the $13-billion BI market, there has yet to be a pervasive product offering in this regard. This is likely due to the significant technical challenges of applying traditional Q&A and search technologies to the unique technical environments of Enterprise. Our company focuses on addressing these challenges, and developing the underlying technologies that would enable the Enterprise Question-Answering applications of the future.

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  • FitBliss


    Our company, FitBliss, envisions a world where employees & employers can see the benefit of doing activities together to create a productive, healthy, and happy environment. FitBliss provides employers 3 ways to accomplish social corporate wellness: Simple & intuitive employee experience for maximum engagement / Routines & Activities are shared through a social feed (similar to Facebook & Twitter) / Wellness, happiness, and accountability are in the hands of the employees.

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  • MXD3D


    MXD3D’s mission is to provide an End-to-End solution which is accessible to all users, allowing them to create or edit 3D content with an easy to use design software. The tool is powered by a marketplace where users can Share, Buy, Sell and Print their 3D models, either locally on their own printers or through 3D printing services companies such as Shapeways, Sculpteo and iMaterlize which have been integrated with the tools. MXD3D is also taking a step towards making product personalization areality by offering enterprises and businesses the ability to embed the tools in their websites and enable their customers to personalize and print products immediately from their website.

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  • Devellar


    Devellar developed online tutoring platform that makes it easier than ever before for private tutors and tutoring companies to manage their businesses and take advantage of the burgeoning e-learning market while also giving students better access to tutoring services. Our exciting platform consists of two projects, each aimed at a different audience. is an online tutoring service that lets students connect with qualified tutors 24/7 in a virtual classroom setting from the comfort of their home. is an all-in-one solution for developing and managing a successful tutoring business. From student management to a billing system, this project has it all.

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  • Locish Inc.

    Locish Inc. 

    Locish is a Q&A mobile app enabling users to ask like-minded people for real-time recommendations on new places to eat, drink, and have fun. Each response is specific to the user’s individual inquiry and matched to their personal preferences. Locish connects like-minded people so they can help each other discover places through tailored recommendations that cut through noisy, ambiguous reviews and time-consuming Internet searches enabling them to find what they’re looking for in a quick, social, interactive, and fun way.

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  • Laundrii


    Laundrii is a sharing economy platform that takes care of your ever-expanding load of dirty laundry. Nowadays there are only two ways to do your laundry, either you use your time and do it yourself or you pay at least $30 to have someone do it for you. With our platform you sign up as a user and then select a prescreened washer from our list. After the washer accepts your cycle you simply drop your load of laundry off at their front door which is when they will take it in, wash it, dry it and fold it all using their own time and resources. They then place the fresh laundry back at their doorstep and notify you through Laundrii in order for you to pick it up at your earliest convenience. After picking it up, you’ll leave a review and payment will be made automatically through Laundrii. No need to speak with the washer or make contact whatsoever, your laundry is clean without any work on your end and all you had to do was pay the price of a big mac meal. Laundrii is pioneering an entirely new economy in order to supply the cheapest and most efficient way to clean your clothes because simply put; life’s too short to do your own.

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  • Respondr


    Respondr analyzes your web and mobile analytics data in real-time, responding automatically to your customers with personalized email, mobile, and social messages.

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  • Metagoo


    Metagoo lets ANYONE to virtually “pin” the Internet (or digital information) on real physical things via our patent-pending and proprietary mobile computer vision technology. Bringing “the Internet of Things” sounds easy, but in reality, it costs $ bil. to businesses. Seemingly a free technology like QR codes costs $ 312M for Best Buy’s store-wide QR code program, adding hardware (i.e. NFC, sensors or microprocessors) seems unrealistic! Instead of expensive solutions, Metagoo solves the problem by allowing anyone digitally annotate information on real physical objects. Like good old “pricing guns,” businesses or individuals can constantly annotate things (i.e. products) with digital information upon their contexts.

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  • Keeping Your Balance

    Keeping Your Balance 

    Keeping Your Balance has been helping tech start-ups and other small businesses grow since 2005. Working with KYB is like having your own dedicated Accounting Department, with the hassle of hiring and management. Our team of skilled Accounting Professionals turns you financial data into information you can use to make informed business decisions. The Keeping Your Balance team will take care of everything from accounting and bookkeeping to payroll and tax preparations, so you can focus on what you do best...growing you company. KYB has set the standard in the industry by leveraging technology to create efficiencies for our clients. Stop by our table outside and set up a free consultation today.

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  • iBlink


    Before iBlink, audiences would take pictures of slides in live presentations, download slides from SlideShare and then lose the connection with the author. With iBlink, the conversation continues after the presentation: audiences share, bookmark, reuse slides, creating digital author-audience links; audiences get automatic updates; authors get reuse metrics, and more. The service is currently under evaluation at several Fortune-1000 companies and at a US government agency. We are looking for a technical co-founder.

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  • CORT, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

    CORT, A Berkshire Hathaway Company 

    At CORT, we’ve designed workplace solutions that help startups optimize their space, based on their business goals and balanced by their financial realities. CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is the nation’s leading provider of transition services, including furniture rental for home and office, event furnishings, relocation services, apartment locating, touring and other services.  For more information, visit 

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  • Altercore


    Alter Core is a company specializing in logic and phisical security. Alter Core has developed BidiKey, a Digital Identity Management Platform for secure user authentication in online and onsite services. BidiKey is the best personal authentication system ever born.  

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  • ATM Broadcast

    ATM Broadcast 

    ATM Broadcast is a leading spanish company in the audiovisual, production and transmission of sport events. Now, we are finishing the development of our last innovated: The platform ERREQUERЯE is a marketplace for the marketing and distribution of audiovisual contents with Broadcast quality. It is therefore a powerful tool to optimize the work flows in the contribution systems and the distribution of contents between the different Users and their storage Servers, reducing times of transfer.

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  • ChicPlace


    ChicPlace is the online marketplace of the most chic boutiques. offers the opportunity to go shopping around different cities without moving from home and find a selection of unique products from stylish boutiques. We offer small shops an easy and affordable e-commerce platform to reach potential customers anywhere in the world. Launched in April 2013 we have exclusivity contracts with more than 260 stores in Spain, France and Italy and revenues of 150k€ in less than a year.

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  • CIC Consulting

    CIC Consulting 

    Mobile am+ is a spinoff of CIC, company focused on software development, with 200 employees and 9.3 M revenue. Our focus is helping big companies to mobilize their business process in order to increase their productivity and efficiency, allowing them to automatize, manage and control any interaction between business apps and mobile devices.

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  • DatKnoSys


    DatKnoSys Spanish company is a technology vendor of Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA) and social networks (SocialSmart), with offices in Barcelona and Madrid (in Spain) and in San Jose (California). DatKnoSys has developed technology with following characteristics: easy implementations and use, integrated solutions of different modules and base in a SaaS marketing model and pay per use (PPU without initial acquisition investment).

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  • Enigmedia


    Enigmedia develops technological solutions that enable encryption of information in real time, in any application, securely and efficiently. Enigmedia was born in December 2011 and is based in San Sebastian (Spain) and in the Silicon Valley (US). Enigmedia´s objective is to ensure the safety of communications by developing a unique and patented cipher which enables a company to hold conversations and in high video quality without risk of being hacked. Our technology improves the transmission of video with lower bandwidth consumption and less usage of battery devices i.e., concluding in encrypted solutions that are 95% more efficient and reducing product costs up to 90%. After our entry in the mobile security market, we plan to expand into more mature markets by licensing our core technology to industry leaders.

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  • FacePhi


    FacePhi is the worldwide leader of facial recognition technology for financial institutions, payment platforms and web based solutions. The company uses its own proprietary algorithms to fight identity fraud in critical environments. Our software is capable of identifying an authorized user in 105 milliseconds. FacePhi´s technology is being used by key integrators and is currently deployed in over 15 countries. FacePhi is a private held company based in Alicante (Spain) with offices abroad.

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  • Frontera Azul

    Frontera Azul 

    Patented Internet technology that allows people in Internet to meet by videoconference in user friendly 3D tailored environments using Virtual Reality.

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  • Global Online Devices

    Global Online Devices 

    Engineering, conceptual design, industrial design, production, manufacture, sale and repair of technological devices connected to the Internet through new or existing Social Networks, to local networks, or Autonomous.

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  • Icinetic


    Icinetic is focused on the improvement and automation of software development processes through the use of cutting-edge software engineering technologies. Icinetic has offices in Spain and the US. The Radarc line of products, provides solutions for many technologies – WP8, iOS, Android – as well as legacy app migration. Radarc drastically reduces time to market by generating real native cross-platform mobile applications from a single source of information providing complete quality code.

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    IDAPT develops innovative accessories for portable devices since 2006. We aim to humanize technology by developing simple products with enhanced functionality and design. Our core business are the universal charging solutions where we have a patented. Recently we have enlarged our portfolio to holders & cable management. We sale in +20 countries (US, EU, RU, ME) mainly in retail, promotional and hospitality. Our HQ are in BCN, a sales office in US and our own factory in China.

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  • IphoneDroid


    Mobile Software development for big companies and development of a new platform that generates native apps for SMEs.

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  • Jobandtalent


    Jobandtalent is a recruiting platform based out of Madrid and London. The website matches professionals with job opportunities using a linguistics based algorithm. The website has over one million registered users and hosts over one million job vacancies on the site in the United Kingdom, Spain, United States, and Latam countries. There are currently 1.000 global companies active on jobandtalent. The platform specializes in IT & Telecommunications, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, and Law.

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  • Keep Learning

    Keep Learning 

    A supply, demand & funding market for all your MOOCs & training needs.

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  • Kronomav


    Kronomav is an engineering firm specializing in robotics and machine vision. We are well known for being one of the leading companies in the world in 3D broadcasting. Our experience and knowledge in stereoscopic systems has allowed us to extend our 3D applications to different product areas such as High Security Surveillance or Environmental Protection. We have presence in International markets: China, Middle East and Europe, and we are working with distributors for USA, Mexico and Colombia.

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  • Milesman


    Milesman is a company doing business more than 30 countries which researches and manufactures advanced technology medical laser equipment. It is divided into departments specializing in Laser Physics, Dermatology, Advanced Optics, Thermodynamics and Laser Chemistry, among others. The production and R&D processes are performed at different plants in Europe and the United States. The company makes use of its own technology developed in conjunction with prestigious universities and international research centers, which gives it a solid base and capacity for sustained growth in the coming years. One of the company’s main achievements is the Milesman Premium diode laser for hair removal, the most advanced and powerful device on the market with proven results for years.

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  • Mobbeel


    Mobbeel is a startup that develops innovative multi-biometric authentication and signature solutions for mobile devices using the standard sensors (camera, microphone, touch screen...). Our technologies verify the user's identity in a convenient and reliable way using one (or a combination) of her/his unique features such as iris, signature, voice or face. They also allow to sign legally binding documents easily and securely from a mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

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  • Mobimento Mobile, S.L.

    Mobimento Mobile, S.L. 

    Mobincube by Mobimento Mobile is a cutting-edge and easy-to-use online App builder that allows businesses and individuals to create world-class Apps for smartphones and tablets without any programming skills. Apps built with Mobincube are fully customizable, monetizable and fun!

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  • Mubiquo


    MUBIQUO is a mobile marketing solutions provider focused on consumer oriented APPs. MUBIQUO helps global brands like Shell, Nestlé, Chicco and MANGO to enhance their consumer oriented Apps with solutions that ease Market Deployment (Lottusse) and Promotional communication (MMM). LOTTUSSE lets you manage your distributed App resources smartly, preventing unnecessary distribution cycles. Go global with your App. MMM is the most efficient and powerful push notifications solution for marketeers. Drive valuable engagement and conversions within your App. MUBIQUO has offices in Barcelona, San Francisco and Shanghai. Contact us to see how we can enhance your mobile app consumer dialogue.

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  • Planet Media

    Planet Media 

    Planet Media is an international technology company providing Omnichannel solutions for Financial, Retail and Health industries, and focusing on software development and delivery of multi-channel solutions for smart phones, tablets, Smart TV and web. Some of the technologies and modules we incorporate in our solutions are: payments gateway, NFC, segmented push notifications, OTP, second screen, augmented reality, IVR, coupons redemption, wallet... Planet Media has offices in more than 10 countries (Spain, UK, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, USA, etc…). The US headquarters are located in Miami Florida, and we are in the process to open new offices in Boston, Texas and California. We have more than 300 engineers and developers between Europe and America, and 100 of them are based in Mexico. Planet Media uses the team in Mexico to offer nearshore software development services to US companies, taking advantage that we are in the same time zone, and our know how and expertise developing software for big global corporations as Banco Santander, BBVA Compass, Telmex, Liverpool, among others.

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  • Playence


    Playence is a software vendor leading the next generation of enterprise search, semantic analysis and NLP processing based solutions. Our products solve the organization’s information access problem by exploiting the meaning of information to improve the content availability, reduce the time invested in search and transform simple data in valued information. Playence’s concepts and technology have been researched and developed since 2000. Our products enjoy an excellent reputation regarding its concepts, quality, functionality, performance and ease-of-use. Our clients include: Santillana, Repsol, XING, Imserso, ONO, Vodafone, Banco Santander, Samsung, HBO, Sony DADC, etc.

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  • Seeketing


    We work on digital marketing and marketing analytics. We offer services for retailing industry. We have developed WeCount that can count the number of customers in stores, malls and open spaces knowing repeating visiting, how much time they are spending and stream traffic inside malls and opone spaces. The product is based in radio nodes that detects mobile devices and store and process data in the cloud to be used with our analalytic application.

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  • SummuS Render

    SummuS Render 

    We offer a render farm service online, oriented to High Performance Computing (HPC) environments where CPU usage is really intensive per user. Our main target customers are movies/TV production, advertising production, videogames, infographics and other entertainment markets where 3D applications are used.

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  • Tecsisa


    Tecsisa is a Spanish Software Comany specialized in the energy sector. We have two products and clients in Spain, Portugal and Italy. * EM Suite (Energy Management Suite) which is an on-premises software application targeted at green energy producers. By using EM Suite clients reduce costs and gain agility. * Zenergy (Zen Energy) a cloud platform for energy retailers which allows them to increase their margins by automating their backend processes, making the right trading and managing risk.

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  • is a place to socially rank your world. You can rank and vote either privately with your friends or publicly, the things you like and love, the places you visit, the people you are fan of and the public topics you care about. Our business model is based in what we call preferential graph. We can exploit it with advertising such as promoted rankings and through referral e-commerce. We have 4.5M registered users from US, India, Brazil, Spain and many countries.

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    Kapsica Media is India's leading Adwords agency and one of the finest Digital marketing companies.  Kapsica is founded by team of ex-Googlers and is funded by TiE Pune Angels from India. We offer end-to-end paid ads marketing including Google AdWords, Facebook, Mobile, Display, Re-targeting and more. Kapsica also offers complete design, creatives and development & SEO. 'STARTERLY.COM'  is our exclusive service for START-UPS & SMEs where we offer all Digital marketing services at extremely rates starting at $199 to help get started. &

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  • AppsBuilder


    AppsBuilder ( is the innovative mobile publishing and distribution platform that empowers SMEs and large enterprises to build a solid mobile presence, reach new customers and improve client retention through powerful mobile apps. Thanks to its powerful, yet easy-to-use platform, AppsBuilder represents companies’ best partner to expand business reach, while locking in existing clients with its effective app-based technology. AppsBuilder’s services include all the state-of-the-art tools to create, manage and distribute mobile apps and reach a broader audience through a wide range of promotional channels, including QR codes, landing pages, social networks integration and app store submission. To support SMEs in their marketing and client retention operations, AppsBuilder has developed a whole set of CRM tools to allow brands to engage with customers in long-lasting relationships and geolocalize their communications to maximize reach. AppsBuilder’s technological core comes with a cutting-edge business toolkit that includes push notifications to communicate more efficiently with users; geolocalized couponing to market sales and promotions on the go; in-app forms to gather users' feedback and generate new leads for your business; and loyalty cards to boost client retention. Advanced analytics is also provided to monitor applications’ rates and trends and assess the performance of mobile campaigns. Thanks to AppsBuilder’s cloud-based system, users can add new content and refresh layout anytime they want, then preview changes in real time. In just a few clicks, they can synchronize their website content with their app, so to offer their users a satisfying up-to-date mobile experience. In a nutshell, AppsBuilder is the ultimate solution to take your business to new heights through the most innovative mobile technologies of our times.

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  • Glance Co.

    Glance Co. 

    Glance is a mobile news application that scans through dozens of related articles on each story, extracts key pieces of information that distinguish one source from another, and presents them in an easy-to-scan timeline that fits right onto your iPhone screen. By pulling content from a wide variety of different sources, Glance can show you what you're missing from the conversation and help you fill the gap.

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  • Shopsync


    Shopsync is building a digital marketplace to connect consumers, brands and retailers. Our location-aware mobile app maps the entries on a user's shopping list to products available in nearby stores. Users receive an alert when they're at a favorite store that sells the items on their shopping list. Our robust platform provides retailers and brands the ability to alert customers inside a specific store in order to provide targeted offers, maximize sales and increase share of customer wallet.

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  • Orbeus Inc.

    Orbeus Inc. 

    Orbeus offers integrated visual recognition solutions based in the cloud (, including face, object, scene and logo recognition in both images and videos. Our technology can be widely applied to industries from advertising to multimedia content management, from surveillance to the next generation of smart devices. Imagine being able to pull out every photo of your adorable puppy to show your friends with just a swipe of a finger, and with another, you can select only those taken on a Sunday walk in the park. Orbeus makes this instant content search a reality by allowing your smart device to automatically understand and index all multimedia contents (check out the Demo Application ReKoMe in App store). And this is just one aspect of what Orbeus can do. The possibilities are boundless.

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  • MailTime


    MailTime ( incorporates the smooth experience of instant messaging and the universality of emails. We re-format and summarize your mails into a messaging conversation view. We redesign the way you assign tasks by @ mentioning and help you to track information easier.

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  • Shippable


    Shippable helps developers ship quality code faster by removing inefficiencies in their software development workflow. Our hosted continuous integration and deployment service is built on Docker and is 3X faster than any competitive solution.  We create ‘shipping lanes’ for code starting from source control, through our CI/CD service, to any cloud provider. Our goal is to revolutionize the software development workflow by ‘containerizing hypervisors’ and commoditize CI/CD.

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  • Secured3D


    Encrypted 3D Printing Platform - We Protect Your Company's 3D Intellectual Property

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  • City of Redwood – Redwood City/Stanford Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

    City of Redwood – Redwood City/Stanford Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 

    Entrepreneurship Boot Camp – What is It? Delivered over three two-day modules (Program Dates: Module 1: August 26 and 27, 2014; Module 2: October 28 and 29, 2014; Module 3: January 21 and 22, 2015), Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is a customized educational program for local Redwood City entrepreneurs. Taught by world-renowned faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Business, this program will provide participants with the tools every entrepreneur needs to manage and finance growing enterprises — including how to evaluate business ideas, diagnose and solve business problems, and determine strategic growth opportunities. Participants will also hone leadership skills necessary for managing innovative organizations. To apply, please visit and click on the "Apply Now" button.

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  • Presentain


    Presentain is an online presentation tool that makes presentations truly interactive. It helps speakers engage their audiences during and after presentation-based events. Interactive features like real-time polling, Q&A and slides broadcasting ensure better involvement at a presentation or class. Presentation recording, commenting and embedding functionality allow for effortless capturing of the presentation content and keeping it available anywhere, anytime, on any device. Check out to start engaging and growing your audiences now!

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  • FanMouth


    FanMouth is a fantasy sports gaming platform that brings fans closer to the sports they love, allowing them to find friends, connect and compete as a fantasy sports community. FanMouth was built for fantasy players by fantasy players. Brothers Daniel and Doug Shaffer share a love of fantasy and have poured their passion into building the FanMouth experience. FanMouth offers players a competition venue for NFL, NBA and MLB daily fantasy teams, and the option to play for cash or virtual currency.  

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  • Emazing Electric Bicycle

    Emazing Electric Bicycle 

    The idea of "Emazing Bicycles" sprouted when the founders talked years ago about creating eco-friendly transportation vehicles.  In 2009, they started developing Emazing Bicycles: electric bicycles that are powerful and elegant, yet weigh only 36 lbs.  The founders designed Emazing Bicycles to significantly improve the rider's commuting and recreational experience because they accelerate quickly and go uphill effortlessly.

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  • Zero Agency

    Zero Agency 

    Zero is an Australian digital innovation agency. We develop creative content experiences for clients through services and the development of our own digital products. Stream is a collaboration product designed for small to medium businesses using Dropbox to help facilitate their operations.

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  • 60-Day MBA

    60-Day MBA 

    Our mission at 60-Day MBA is to empower you to take control of your financial destiny by unlocking your entrepreneurial potential through world-class instruction, mentoring, and a global community.  We help our students to avoid the costly mistakes, and understand the core principles of running a business, in order to set them up for long-term success and constant business improvement. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, we’re here to give you step-by-step instruction and accountability to go from “stuck-in-plans” to “paid-by-customers.” Everyday we are privileged to see entrepreneurs just like you make more money, choose how and when they work, and start living a life that others envy. We sincerely hope that we’ll be able to help you do the same.

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  • In The Weeds

    In The Weeds 

    InTheWeeds is a cloud-based management solution for the hospitality industry’s leading challenge: finding, scheduling, and managing employees. The application streamlines communication and scheduling between employees and managers and enables project collaboration between departments. InTheWeeds uses an advanced set of analytical algorithms that constantly analyze employee activities to assist managers in identifying emerging leadership, monitor team moral, and making short-term tactical or long-term strategic decisions. After collaborating with the community, we've successfully constructed a solution that’s affordable and scalable to support entities as small as “Mom and Pop” stores or provide full-scale enterprise solutions. Instead of creating yet another job board, we are currently developing a talent-search engine that gives managers power to pinpoint and contact qualified job seekers directly.

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  • Megatris Comp. LLC

    Megatris Comp. LLC 

    Megatris Comp. LLC is a California based Software Factory specialized in the field of Mobile, Cloud Services and Big Data Management. The team has a solid management with international expertise developed in Texas Instruments Corp. and EDS Corp. The core platform of Megatris Comp. is SSB: an infrastructure for web of objects and mobile communication. SSB is the core of Cloud Services and Big Data Management. Our main product is Meta Personal Cloud: a private cloud, allowing end user to access documents (text, photos, pdf, doc files ) stored securely from anywhere using his smartphone or tablet. The Personal Cloud avoids the use of desktop and permits document management everywhere. Our purpose is to create an environment for end user in order to help him with data storage and processing, texts downloads from RSS, Twitter and other sources, recommendation models and generation of sense using R analytics statistics. The Analytics give a sense to data helping to find easily the more interesting piece of information without full reading and study.

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  • Mind the Bridge

    Mind the Bridge 

    Mind the Bridge is a not-for-profit Foundation, based in San Francisco. The goal of Mind The Bridge Foundation is to foster a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem, spur more innovative ideas, and reinvigorate the new venture economy, providing entrepreneurship education, 360 degrees. We provide startups, investors and managers with direct exposure to the most experienced, entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world — Silicon Valley. The ultimate goal of Mind the Bridge is to help create a new generation of entrepreneurs and success stories. One-liner: Mind The Bridge is a not-for-profit Foundation, based in San Francisco, that provides entrepreneurship education, 360 degrees. Among those: a 3-week Startup School program, a week long Angel Investing bootcamp and an intra-preneurship program for executives.

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  • Global Upside, Inc.

    Global Upside, Inc. 

    Global Upside is a new kind of global services company for the new global economy. Business today moves at light speed. Companies go from zero to millions of dollars in revenue almost overnight and in our digital economy, sales can go from local to global in the blink of an eye. Global Upside supports international businesses anytime, anywhere, with world-class accounting and human resources support functions where and when you need them. From our headquarters in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Global Upside provides services in more than 50 countries worldwide, with a laser-like focus on quality, timeliness, and responsiveness. We deliver rock-solid results with outstanding personal client service. We are more than a service provider to our clients, we are a trusted partner. That’s what we’re here for. Our purpose is to deliver your global upside.

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  • Orange Gold Coffee

    Orange Gold Coffee 

    Introducing a unique organic coffee - ORGANO GOLD bringing the treasures of the earth to the world, it's simple, it's easy, it's COFFEE!

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  • Theneeds


    Theneeds is your smart personalized web, a place to discover and share the best news, videos, social posts, and more, tailored to your specific interests.

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  • KarFarm


    An innovative platform that utilizes the latest online and mobile technologies to revolutionize the car buying experience. (

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  • KrowdPad


    KrowdPad is a real-time collaborative educational platform (

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  • Mavatar


    With the mission of making smart shopping completely transparent for shoppers, Mavatar (free app for iPad & desktop) allows consumers to exhaust all their options, comparing prices and styles in different websites in one cart.  (

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  • NestGSV


    NestGSV is a technology innovation center. We furnish a rich ecosystem of services essential to the success of emerging entrepreneurs and technology companies. We facilitate relationship development and critical connections to vetted business building resources including service providers, investors, potential hires, global corporations and international parties.  (

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  • Flickflyer


    Flickflyer is a web & mobile marketplace platform for online sellers, where they can easily record, upload, and share their listings all in one place. The app delivers a simpler, more intuitive and engaging platform that saves sellers time, attracts more buyers, and increases sales.

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  • Kanga Kare

    Kanga Kare 

    Founded by an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of California-Berkeley, the University of Technology-Eindhoven, and Ecole Polytechnique-Paris, Kanga Kare is a social venture aiming to give every newborn child a fighting chance at life. Working hand-in-hand with Ashoka Thailand, our team has been developing a low-cost baby incubator for use in the rural area of Lampang, Thailand. Kanga Kare takes the benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care and goes one step further to provide an all-in-one, low-cost incubator for use in hospitals and during infant transportation alike. With our IncuPack, our team hopes to alleviate the death toll of preterm and ill babies in developing countries due to inefficient care. By allowing for safe transport to tertiary care centers, our product gives these babies and their families a chance at life and a hope for the future.

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  • Broad Analytics

    Broad Analytics 

    Broad Analytics uses WiFi technology to enable indoor tracking in museums.

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  • is dedicated to creating user-friendly, energy efficient, affordable and secure Smart Home devices. is the creator of SAM, the smartest smart home technology on the market. Utilizing patent-pending technology, SAM allows you to automate the devices in your home based on various metrics and sensor inputs including  Power Consumption, Motion, Temperature, Ambient Light and Time/Date schedules. SAM also has an embedded IFTTT-like engine that lets you create Smart Rules.  Launched in May, 2014 SAM is already receiving rave reviews - CNET said "Look out Belkin: SAM's upping the smart plug ante." For more information, visit our website:

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    Foogi lets you schedule in seconds by matching availabilities with anybody from any company on any calendar technology. You can connect any calendar type (outlook, google calendar, ical, etc.) with one tap. There is no integration required. For those on Foogi it will instantly fetch availabilities of everybody that needs to attend a meeting and overlay them on top of your calendar so you can schedule a meeting in seconds. For those not yet on Foogi, you can send them your real-time availabilities through a link and again the meeting is scheduled in seconds. Foogi retains all private details, only availabilities are shared and it also auto-adjusts the availabilities for different time zones. Foogi lets you choose which availabilities are shared and with whom so you have total control over your calendar.

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  • visalyze


    How is my Big Data today? the answer should not be reserved for a few elite analysts or Agencies. Visalyze provides intuitive Big Data visualizations for everyone to understand and manage their own Big Data Environment. Easy Access is achieved with a Game like Interface Free of the perils of KPI, Metrics or "overdashboardification".

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