Call for Speakers

  • Do you know an amazing speaker who would make the Startup Conference even better? Let us know!

    Are you an up and coming entrepreneur with a great story to share? Contact us!

    Do you have an idea for a topic or panel that we should cover? Bring it on!

    Email us at speaker at thestartupconference dot com.

    Some hints that you may not be a good speaker at the Startup Conference:

    • You have never actually founded a high-tech startup
    • You write books about success (* unless your first name is Tony)
    • You are a professional motivational speaker




  1. Bryan March 13, 2012

    Are you no longer looking for speakers?n

  2. soody March 11, 2012

    your email address bounces.

  3. Sivlia Console Battilana March 9, 2012

    You should have Leila Janah from Samasource speak.u00a0

  4. Lisa Mitchell March 5, 2012

    I have a speaker that I think your participants would really enjoy.u00a0 He is a professor with a major university. He is a terrific speaker.u00a0 Who canI speak to? What are next steps?

    • alain94040 March 5, 2012

      The instructions are listed above, with the contact email address. That being said, the speakers we normally are looking for are serial entrepreneurs, founders and investors.

  5. Richard Roberts February 9, 2012

    nnnHin- I own a branding firm. After 20 years of working with clients, many of whichnare startups, I have formed some very strong opinions about how new companiesnshould think of their brand, and how they should support it for an acceleratednmarket entry with maximum results - regardless of how much they spend onnmarketing. nnnnI'venalso discovered that I prefer working with NewCou2019s more than any other type ofnclient. Yes, they have less money, but they have way more energy, more focus,nand are much more interested in being accountable for how they spend theirninvestor's money.nnnnInhave a presentation that I have refined over the last two years calledn"Members Are More Valuable Than Customers". It helps young companiesnunderstand how valuable a community of brand advocates can be to their growth.nI've presented it many times with very good response, and I'd like to reachnmore early-stage companies. nnnnIsnthis something your conference may have an interest in? If so, please let menknow what I should do next. I have a presentation abstract and many clientntestimonials I can send.nnThanks,nnRichard Robertsnnnnnnnnu00a0nnn

  6. Who is handling press I'd like to cover and do podcast in advance for which has 1 million page views. Also can be a marketing sponsor for you too and bring in the Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce as a partner to add more than 20,000 names to your mailing list. joyceschwarz@gmail.comu00a0

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