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  • Startup Conference 2012

    Here are some highlights of the Startup Conference which took place in Mountain View, on May 2, 2012.

    Crowdfunding (Panel)

    How to Avoid a Founding Team Trainwreck

    It’s All About Traction (Panel)

    Founder Conference 2011

    Guy Kawasaki, Enchantment

    Naval Ravikant, AngelList

    Tim Young, SocialCast

    Founder Conference 2010

    KeyNote Speaker: Aaron Patzer

    Aaron Patzer is the founder of

    How To Get PR for Your Startup

    Panel with

    • Chris O’Brien, San Jose Mercury News
    • Anthony Ha, VentureBeat
    • Ryan Singel, Wired
    • Hooman Khalili, Alice 97.3FM
    • Alain Raynaud, FairSoftware (moderator)

    Drew Houston, Dropbox

    Drew Houston is the founder of Dropbox.

    What’s Really Happening at Incubators

    Panel with

    • Ivan Kirigin, TipJoy (YCombinator Alumni)
    • Lecole Cole, Skydera (Founder Institute Graduate)
    • Emily Olson, Foodzie (TechStars Alumni)
    • Brian Wong, Kiip
    • Alain Raynaud, FairSoftware (moderator)

    Live Elevator Pitch Feedback (excerpts)

    With Adeo Ressi, and The Founder Institute