Open Mic: Pitch Your Startup to Find Co-Founders, Beta Users and more

We’re excited to announce that to open this year’s conference, people from the audience will give a 45-second elevator pitch to the audience to help them find whatever they need: a co-founder, partners, beta users, or whatever else that will help your startup take-off and succeed.

It’s like an open mic, except you need to be selected. First, apply using the form below. In a second phase, we’ll publish a vote page where you can send your friends to help vote for you and improve your chances of being selected.

What do you want to pitch (looking for co-founder, partner, beta users, employees):
Tell us about your startup (is it launched? Do you have a website, a prototype?):
Why should we pick you? Why are you special:
Choose a name (typically your company name) that we'll list publicly so people can vote for you:*


Rules: this open mic is only for early-stage entrepreneurs: people who have not raised money (except for friends and family) and have not launched their product yet to the public. Obviously, you must be registered to the conference to apply.

If you are selected, you will present one slide on stage and have 45 seconds to give your pitch. Make every word count! Get the audience excited about your idea. Don’t waste time with details, pitch the exciting vision. And clearly state what you are looking for. Finally, don’t forget to put a contact info on your slide, otherwise people won’t know how to find you.